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RB1-1012 MODEL

The ‘Reel Britannia’ RB1-1012 is completely saltwater proof and has proven very effective in taming salmon and large salt water quarry. PRODUCT DETAILS: • Diameter 4.4″ • Weight 359grams/12.6oz • Line #10-12 • Line Capacity 350m 30lbs Dacron +AFS shooting head 11/12 or 520m 50lbs gel spun +WF12


RB1-0709 MODEL

RB1-0709 is a smaller, lighter version of the RB1-1012, designed for light single handed rods with an open frame to reduce weight. Rated for #7-9 lines but will balance most 9′ #6 rods. PRODUCT DETAILS: • Diameter 4.0″ • Weight 236grams/8.3oz • Line #7-9 • Line Capacity 250m 20lbs Dacron + WF8 or 370m gel spun +WF8